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Maintenance Reinvented and Business Success

Value proposition
The knowledge-base of the maintenance and reliability profession has been expanded to an 11-Disciplines playbook

Manufacturing firms are now . . . .

Able to:

Through their maintenance function, reach and sustain pretargeted new returns of substance that are influenceable, controllable and reportable.


Grasping, through its professionals, the advancement in knowledge base, forming and proposing, to senior management, business strategies for new returns, and executing the returns of the strategies chosen by the firm.

As a result of:

Mentoring the firm’s professionals as they run the course of reaching for the first time the reportable returns of its business strategies and the ability to sustain them.

Note: The details of the advancement in our profession's knowledge-base are explained in depth by the book titled, "Maintenance Reinvented and Business Success."  We have donated the book to the profession. Therefore, it is available to you as a free eBook and as a paperback through Amazon at cost. Articles are also offered by this website that focus on points of the book. Our offering to mentor a firm's professionals is to help them through the practices explained in the book and articles.

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